Our Service Portfolio

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  • Mechanical Testing

    Tensile to BS EN ISO 6892-1
    Impact (Charpy) to BS EN ISO 148-1
    Hardness (Vickers) to BS EN ISO 6507-1
    Bend to BS EN ISO 7438
    Through Thickness (Z Test) to BS EN ISO 10164
  • Chemical Analysis

    Elemental analysis using optical Emission Spectroscopy.

  • Weld Testing

    Weld procedure and welder qualification testing to the following codes:
    BS EN ISO 9606-1
    BS EN ISO 9606-2
    BS EN ISO 15614-1
    BS EN ISO 15614-2
  • Failure Investigations & Manufacturing Problems

    Our specialists have extensive experience in most types of metallurgical failures* and in solving metallurgical and engineering production problems including: casting, forging, extrusion, welding, brazing, soldering, heat treatment, surface treatments.
    * N.B. Failure investigations are outside the scope of our accreditation.